Last updated: January 31st, 2024

Player Connection

  • All teams must start with 11 players. If a team is not able to connect 11 player by the time the game starts, the team loses.
  • If a player connection is dropped during the game, the player may reconnect but will take a penalty time out of the game before being allowed to play.
  • If more than 5 players are disconnect during the game, the team loses.

Field and ball

  • The ball never goes out of the field. If the ball hits the field bounders, it will bounce back with the same speed..
  • The player must be touching the ball to catch it.

Goal Zone

  • Each team's goal has a Goal Zone where opponent team members cannot enter.
  • The ball will be automatically kicked out of the goal zone after some seconds (see game specs)
  • The goalkeeper cannot leave the goal limits.

Game Clocks

  • The time in the game is measure in turns.
  • As seen in basketball, Lugo has a shot clock. The teams will lose the ball possession if the shot clock reaches zero.
  • The ball possession counts from the moment a team player holds the ball until an opponent team player touches the ball.
  • The game clock will not be precise. The Game Server will try to minimize the time spent with other processes between turns, but they will never be zero.
  • A complete game (game with no interruptions) will last exactly the expected number of turns, no matter if the bots responses are slower or faster than expected.
  • There is no half time. The teams do not change sides during the match.